Hey guys!

I'm Ashley Stephens, a lover of capturing beautiful memories, based right outside of Winston-Salem, North Carolina in the small town of King!

I am 36 years young, a mother of two beautiful daughters, wife of one amazing man, an artist, entrepreneur, and photographer. I adore my pups, enjoy binge watching shows like This is Us or a crime drama, sing out loud, dance when my food is good, and just be a down to earth, silly person. And I'm certainly not afraid to embarrass myself for the sake of a real smile or belly laugh!

I always had an interest in photography as a young child, taking my wind up camera and photographing EVERYTHING! I would look at albums my mother had full of photos of family trips, birthdays, everyday life and remember the joy it brought me. I wanted to be the one to capture special memories for others so they could look back and remember how special that time in their life was!

My goal is not only take photographs you can look back on and see the memories of that time in your life, but it is to remember the experience you had with me. I try to make every session fun, light and not stuffy, and keep things moving so you won't get bored. I believe it is incredibly important for not only children, but men too.. ladies you know your husbands/boyfriends loath taking photos! I promise to make it as painless as possible for everyone involved! If you don't leave your session with a genuine smile on your face, I didn't do my job.

I would LOVE to hear from you! Please shoot me a message by email or social media so we can set up a time to capture amazing, bubbly memories!